It is a really old air popper and I have tried yellow and white corn. I just seem to be getting more and more unpopped kernels. What do you think?

My problem is that when I make popcorn in my hot air popper I end up with a lot of unpopped kernels being thrown out of the popper by other kernels as they pop. Some of the unpopped ones then pop in the bowl, shooting popcorn everywhere. What can I do to reduce number of unpopped kernels that end up in my bowl?

What are some of the best brands of plain popcorn?

I don’t eat popcorn often, but when I do, it must be plain. I refuse butter. Even before learning about the hazards of breathing the fake butter aroma, and it’s natural unhealthiness, I’ve always wanted to try plain. Now I know that I like it.

I don’t have an air popper, but maybe I’ll ask for one at Christmas or my birthday, which isn’t far away. It can be microwave, or stove-top, or maybe even free-kernel if I’m careful with the brown-bag method.

I currently use ‘Natural flavored’ from Deerfield Farms, and there are always quite a few unpopped kernels (these are mini-bags, too). I don’t know why it’s called natural ‘flavored’, but it must be plain since there are only forty-five calories per bag.

I don’t really want some obscure, high-priced popcorn.

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